Flite 2017

Flite 2017
Flite 2017 Flite 2017 Flite 2017
Tillverkare: Oceanrodeo
Art.nr: 01-FLITE-4.0
Tillgänglighet: I lager
Pris: 11.487,50 kr
Exkl.moms: 9.190,00 kr

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The lightest kite we’ve ever made.
Regardless of size, the Flite offers riders an explosive, dynamic kite designed to make you feel and ride like a hero, even in the lightest of winds. Tight, snappy turns with big lofty jumps and forgiving kite loops make the Flite truly the world’s only high performance light wind kite. Small sizes of Flite offer incredible freeride performance and are ideal foil boarding kites for light wind foil sessions!


Speed Inflate
Get on the water faster with the speed inflation system. Strut to leading edge connector tubes feature easy to use quick clamps for added security while riding.

Direct Depower
Designed to fully roll over and disable your kite in the event of an eject or total depower. The Direct De-power System allows for near total depower of your kite and easy, on water reset and relaunch in the event of an eject. Ideal for riders of all levels, beginner to pro.

Variable Line Length
This technology enables riders to tailor their kite’s performance and handling to their riding goals and style. Longer lines generate more power while shorter lines increase speed and response. Ultra short lines provide immediate rider feedback to the kite and a direct snappy feel.

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